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The most recent advance in police motorcycle communications, Setcom's Liberator Wireless system eliminates the cable between the officer and the motorcycle, providing maximum flexibility, freedom of movement and reliable communications.

The Liberator automatically establishes a wireless link when an officer presses the push-to-talk button on the motorcycle. There is no need to "sync" or "pair" the system to the motorcycle.

The Liberator includes wireless technology for Portable Radio Only as well as Mobile + Portable Radio configurations.

In a Mobile + Portable Radio configuration, the Liberator transmits and receives through the mobile radio, ensuring consistent communications.

The Liberator's efficient power management technology eliminates the need to recharge batteries, a potentially critical point of failure. It draws the minimal power it requires from the portable radio battery.

With its selectable channel plan, the Liberator has been carefully designed and rigorously tested to eliminate extraneous communication between two police motorcycles and/or between the Liberator and the portable or mobile radio.

As with Setcom's traditional SuperMics, the Liberator's helmet connection provides a quick-release jack to improve officer safety.

All of the electronics necessary to achieve the Liberator's sophistication are surface mounted on Setcom's proprietary circuit boards.

Surface-mount technology is superior to hand-wired circuits which are prone to mechanical failure; this yields significantly higher quality and durability.

Setcom's Liberator is completely compatible with Setcom's traditional Helmet Kits, making it easy and affordable to upgrade.

To view a diagram of how a portable-only system works, click here.

Please call one of our knowledgeable associates at (800) 491-1267 so that we can custom-configure a system tailored to fit your department's specific needs, or visit our Complementary Setcom Quote Request Page to have a quote e-mailed to you.

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